The Parable of The Vine:  A Look Into What It Means

The Parable of The Vine:  A Look Into What It Means


   Some parables are a subject of great debate.  Theological differences sometimes are brought to the surface due to  differing interpretations, thus highlighting the fallibility of men and the lack of discernment that plagues us when we go by our own understanding.  Also, we fall victim to being set in a belief, stuck in our own understanding. We see those who believe we can lose salvation, there are those who believe we can not.  Within those factions they’re split all the more. The OSAS movement claims we can live like a devil, showing no proof of regeneration. This is a clear heresy. Those who believe we can not lose salvation, but a true sheep bears the proof of salvation.  There are those who believe we can lose salvation just from falling away into sin, there also lies a heretical issue. If one is truly saved, they are chosen to bear fruit, (John 15:16). Someone who is truly born again will not fall back into habitual sin, (1 John 3:9).  The warnings in scripture that seem to imply we can lose salvation are actually made for our sanctification. A true sheep will heed the warnings and follow the commands of His Word, (John 10:27). Jesus never says ‘I once knew you but you failed.’ He says ‘I never knew you’.  False conversion, false faith, an untrue belief that is fragile, built on sand and breaks under affliction, (Mark 4:17), (Matt 7:26-27), (1 John 2:19). With that said, let us take a closer look at the beautiful words of Christ, in ‘The Parable of the VIne’.


  There is two main schools of thought on the parable of the vine.  One says it shows we can lose salvation, while another says it just means we lose our rewards.  I stand here, formerly a believer of salvation loss, to tell you neither are right. When we read scripture, especially parables or contested sections,  we must seek out His understanding, for it is above ours, (Isaiah 55:8-9). The Holy Spirit will guide us and remind us of all we need, (John 14:26). We must pray for wisdom and will receive it, (James 1:5).  The biggest mistake made by both sides of the argument, and myself – at first, is thinking this parable is about believers only. I will break it down so you can clearly see this is not the case. The vine is life, this life binds and holds together all creation, all people – not just believers.  Where am I getting this you ask? In Colossians, Paul tells us that all things are held together by Christ (Col 1:17). All of creation exists because of the lifeline binding them together, giving life, this is Christ. Christ holds all things together as the vine, nourishing the branches with life-giving sustenance. Those who abide in Christ and produce fruit are the true believers.  We see the proof in (John 15:16) You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.”  Non-believers can not bear the fruits of the Spirit, therefore they become dried out, unfruitful and are thrown into the fire. They were given life by God, yet are and were hardened to the gospel of Christ, thus they lose the free gift of life given.  If a twig could say to the tree it lives on “I want no part of you”, if it could deny the much needed nutrients from the tree, it would not grow fruit or a single leaf. This rebellious twig, if it could do these things, would die and fall off; the last and only good use for dead wood is for kindling.  When someone is born of God they are a new creature, the old sinful dies away as Christ lives on in the new man, (2 Cor 5:17). A man born of God will not fall back into habitual sin, (1 John 3:9), he is born of the Spirit, regenerating this person with new affections and a powerful love for God. If we love God, we will keep His commandments and bear much fruit, (1 John 5:1-5), (John 14:15).  


    Jesus is the Vine of all life.  He binds together, holds together all creation.  Those who abide in Him are those born of God and love Him.  Those who wither and die are those who reject the gospel, rejecting the very vine that has given them life to begin with.  God bless you all. To my brothers and sister in the Lord, Godspeed! To anyone who is not a believer I pray you give The Lord a chance, feel free to contact me.  I pray that the Lord helps clear your mind. I pray He humbles you as He did me, showing me places I have misunderstood scripture. He will guide you with His Spirit, this I am sure.  He will finish the good work He has began in you, this I am sure, (Phil 1:6).