Obedience: Even the Wind and Seas Obey



Obedience: Even the Wind and Seas Obey Him

  What better than a God who gives us choice?  Who better than God who sets us free? However, we are only free to choose between these two things, His will or our own, unless our will is to do His.  The Lord’s hand is sovereign, yet we see that He has given us some room to make choices. What sets us apart from plants? What sets us apart from animals, bacteria, the elements?  All creation is locked into a program, a code, that they adhere and live by. Natural laws dictate their every move, these laws are further hardened in the fallen state. They do not make conscious decisions outside the realm of survival and necessity. Sure some animals have shown choice, more freedom than plants, but they’re still free in regard to the weight of “good vs evil”.  Their freedom from the knowledge of good and evil further enslaves them to the law of nature. We are a creature with the knowledge to seek deeper meaning, look for answers and simply chase pleasure and riches. However, due to this freedom we are a slave to sin. Man, knowing the knowledge of good vs evil, is always more inclined to choose sin and pleasure over the Lord. We are slaves to worry, slaves to work, slaves to image and reputation.  We are enslaved to death, being the inevitable, with no escape. “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” In fact, all creation is enslaved to this reality and it groans for its liberty and escape. Man, without the Lord’s unmerited grace, by his own will, will always turn away from God. A godly man, RC Sproul, once asked “If God is Sovereign, how can man be free?”


  Within in the Lord’s full control, by the power of His sovereign hand, even when man freely makes a choice, the Lord our God still accomplishes all His good pleasure and His council shall stand.  Even when we follow after our own will, the Lord’s will can and will be done. He lifts up a man and puts him down. The Lord of Hosts, yes, he gives and takes. Why should we be obedient as a Christian?  Is fear what does it? Yes, but fear is actually not the factor that should inspire us to be obedient. Sure, the thought of reaping what we sow is troubling and helps, even sin giving birth to death. However, our love, if we truly have it for One who sits on the throne above the earth, will always keep us hungry for obedience.  Love alone? Nay, let love be in cocurrence with eternal gratitude and thanksgiving; love for the One who paid our eternal debt by His blood, in thankfulness because we owe not a debt that could ever be paid, even on our best day. In our freedom to walk away from God we walk willfully into chains of sin. His hand is sovereign, it is heavy on those chained in sin and His judgment is nigh. Therefore, even in the freedom to walk away, we still stand fully in the grips of His control, the Consuming Fire.  We shall not escape the consequences. How thankful should we be? He has set us free. We have no need to worry, for He is in control. We have no need to seek riches or fame, for He always provides, and He sees us. Whose eyes do you want to be noticed by? Those around you? Nay, their eyes are full of unrighteous judgment; seek to be looked upon by the Creator of the universe, seek to be seen by the One who stretches out the heavens as the universe continues to expand. One glance from the Lord God is worth more than all the fame and all the eyes of the world.  Now look around, all the stars are fixed by Him, they are in His control. He ensures the heavens can not be measured, He ensures that the foundations of the earth can never be fully explored. The universe is ever expanding, and the furthest we have ever drilled into the earth is a mere 7.5 miles. He declared this statement hundreds of years ago in Jeremiah and it will not change. His Word stands forever.

The wind and the seas obey Him at a moments instant. The laws of nature are set by Him and so nature is locked into obedience as well.  The world is His, all of creation is His, and there is no way around it. He gives us the ability to understand this, and within His sovereign hand the ability to choose to sin. Now brothers and sister, understand, the Lord is faithful and His grace is ever sufficient. We, knowing His love, have no excuse. If the world being slaves to sin is held responsible, how much more will we be? Do we not know better? Do we not have access to His grace? Are we not thankful? The truth is, we will serve something, always. We will serve a master, a boss, a friend, ourselves.  Ought we to be held accountable by the choices we make? So when we are set free from the expectations and the weight of the world, we should use this liberty to serve the Living One. Out of obligation? I think not. Are we not thankful, eternally, for the freedom gained through Christ from the yoke of the world? Are we not overjoyed to walk with God, working hand-in-hand with works He predestined for His glory? You are saved, you are free, who will you serve? If you chase sin you serve yourself. If you do nothing you serve your laziness. If you live by other’s expectations you can not live in God’s works.  So whom will you serve? Do you see now brothers? Do you hear now sisters? If you truly are in the faith, should you not be overjoyed to turn from sin and serve the Living God. Examine yourself, are you truly in the faith? Are you secured? If you are saved, you still will face the earthly consequences of your sins. Not just you but those around you will be effected. How, if we truly love God can we not walk in light? How, if we truly love family and friends who are not in the faith, are we to show the light of Christ to them? We do this by being set apart from the world. We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood are we not?  Are you not thankful? Are you not a child of the Most High? The wind and seas obey Him, but they can not love Him like we can. If then, in our ability to love Him, are we unable to live according to His standard? We have the sufficient grace and provision to fulfill the law by faith. Love God first, love your neighbor as yourself. Stay strong, starve the flesh, feed the spirit. Dwell in His word, nurturing the very roots of your faith. God bless, much love.



                                                                                                    Pasquale Leone






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