Introductory Statement

I am happy to welcome you to my blog! Brothers and sisters in the Lord, may God bless you and Godspeed. Welcome guests, visitors and friends from all walks of life. I hope you come to find the resources, testimony and writings you will read here as helpful; I hope what you find here aids in the understanding of Christianity.  Throughout my life I have studied and even partook in most religious beliefs.  I am open to discussions and debates as well; we can hold such debates through video chat, voice call or a texting service of your choice. In this post I will introduce myself, summarize a brief life testimony and declare my beliefs. I aim for total transparency, I will hide nothing of myself; all for the glory of God. Please visit my Instagram page for inspiration . Please visit my YouTube page of the same name for video preachings, teachings and testimonies, @seetheSeeker.

Testimony and Affliction
Through my life I have faced many struggles, afflictions and obstacles. I am sure in this this, that you have also faced many as well. When people hear of the struggles I’ve been through they commend me as ‘strong’ and ‘inspirational’ but I am here to state all the credit is due to God the Father, through Jesus Christ, His Son, by the Spirit, who is Holy, Holy, Holy. God is Triune in nature, the Godhead. The three existed as One and always have existed, being co-eternal. The Lord has delivered me from many things such as: New Age practices, occult practices, Lyme disease, depression/suicidal thoughts, anxiety/panic attacks, wrathful anger, porn addiction, drug addiction, impatience and pride. By His grace I am strong, by myself I am weak. By His grace I am patient, I am humbled, I am not afraid. I would not be here with you today, for sure I would be dead, if it wasn’t for the Lord whom saved me from death and freed me from my sins. By His grace I can get by with some remaining trials and afflictions, through them my faith is truly being refined and I am learning to walk on water, so to speak.

The Mark of the Believer
All scripture is Spirit breathed, the Word of God. This world will pass away but His Word will not. Jesus Christ came to earth as man as he was and is also fully God. He died for our sins, as a lamb on Passover, one final offering for the sins of all. Christ Jesus, then after dying, conquered death by rising from the dead. When we accept Christ, our flesh is crucified with Him. We are to walk in Spirit, and live for the one who died for us. If someone claims to be saved but does not show the fruits of the Spirit, the fruits of abiding in Christ’s love, they never were saved. For when we truly believe in our hearts all things become new, a new creature in Christ. The fruits of our salvation are shown when we become free from the chains of our old sins, our passions and our goals leave our self centered hopes and are imputed into the hope of Christ and His coming, His promise. The fruits of the Spirit are an outward change first born from the inward change, a growth sprung out by the seed of the implanted Word of God. Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father, He is the only door to eternal life.
Jesus will return physically and reign on earth; over all nations Christ Jesus will reign. Satan is real and is a being, not some force. There will be a judgement day and all scripture, and the prophecies the Word contains, will be fulfilled. I believe in the bodily resurrection of Christ as well as all of His believers into glorified bodies.

Closing Statements
I hope to cover many basic topics in more detail about Christianity for starters. However, I know in faith, I feel God calling me to do so, I will confront and delve into the most controversial and heated topics/debates of this age. For example: pre-tribulation vs post-tribulation, Calvinism vs Arminianism, Eternal Security vs OSAS, Lordship Salvation vs OSAS, etc.
Please bring your toughest and most troubling questions to me, I am more than happy to answer them or research answers with you. Love you all. Truly I mean that or else I would be a liar.


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I would not be here without God.

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